Summer 3 vs 3

Most major European Soccer Academies and US Soccer encourage small sided games in young players. There are many benefits of the small sided concept including more touches on the ball, more opportunities to be creative, more goals, more confidence and of course MORE FUN! 

3 vs 3 is a great environment for players to build their confidence and improve on footskills while playing in a fast paced game. Over 85% of goals in a regular soccer game come from a transition, and 3 vs 3 is all about speed of play and quick transitions. 

Cincinnati United's 3 vs 3 Summer Soccer Series lets you play as a free agent (individual player placed on a team) or grab some friends and play as a team* for 12 games over 6 weeks, with prizes for season winners. 

*Please contact Garry Hancock, with your teams roster to ensure you are placed correctly.