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2009 Age Group Tryout Evaluation Info

posted May 23, 2016, 6:17 AM by Garry Hancock   [ updated May 23, 2016, 6:18 AM ]
2009 birth year tryout evaluations begin this upcoming week and please open the site link you will be trying out for in either the CU Sycamore-Mason Site, the CU Lakota/Monroe Site and the CU Southeast site.  This link provides you with the times/dates etc.  You can chose which site you would like to tryout for based on what is most convenient for your family. 

Just a reminder for the 2009 age group you will either be placed on the CU Site or the Junior team.  There are NO CUTS at this age group.    

CU Sycamore/Mason Tryout link:

CU Lakota/Monroe Tryout Link:

CU Southeast Tryout Link:

Frequently asked questions for tryouts:

DO I REGISTER FOR TRYOUTS?  Please go to the following link to register and also look at the tryout information links:

DO I NEED TO ATTEND BOTH TRYOUT DAYS?  Tryouts are 2 days and we recommend you attend both.  If you cannot attend both due to other commitments then please let the registration desk know when you check-in on the day of tryouts.  You can still make a team if you can only come to one tryout so please do not let this deter you from going.  We know many school functions and other things happen at this time.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I CANNOT ATTEND ANY TRYOUTS?  Please go on to the tryout registration page and register.  I will provide an assessment from your coach to the tryout evaluators.  We will work something out the best we can for your son/daughter. 

  I would wear your Cincinnati United uniform kit.  I would wear a different color socks that stand out such as orange, blue, green etc.   I would wear the same socks for both tryout days. 

WHAT TIME SHOULD I ARRIVE AT TRYOUTS?  I would arrive 25-30 minutes ahead of time.  There will be a registration area on site that you will check-in at and you will receive a FREE Tryout T-Shirt.  This is where you also can tell them if you cannot make the next tryout or if you missed the first one.

Sleep is important to the success of your child.  Early bedtime 2 days prior to tryouts is important to the child's success.  Also, hydrating with 6 glasses of water a day and eating healthy foods leading up to tryout day is important.  Also, eating the day of tryouts a meal with protein and carbs. 

WHAT TO BRING TO TRYOUTS:  Wear uniform kit, shin guards, soccer shoes and BRING Large water (labeled with your child's name in permanent marker)  Bring PUMPED SOCCER BALL labeled with Child's name in a permanent marker. 

IF YOU HAVE ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS WHO CAN I TALK WITH:  Text me at 513-454-4023 and I will get you to the right person.  Please provide me your name as well, as I do not have everyone's contact information in my phone.  I work closely with all directors.  I will help your child.  I want to see the best for everyone.

They will let you know when you will find out at tryouts.  One of the directors or our board members will hold a brief parent meeting at tryouts usually on the first day.  Usually within 72 hours you will hear something but sometimes the process takes longer.  Especially if a coach is coaching multiple teams.  This year is going to be more difficult because we are moving into birth year age grouping.  So things may take longer.

WHAT IF I DIDNT GET CONTACTED?  Please text me and I will call you back and I will figure out if they have the wrong contact information or something.  This does happen on occasion and I can get to the right person to figure this out.  This doesn't happen often but it does every once in a while. 

SHOULD I ATTEND MY TEAM TRAINING THIS WEEK?  No, you want to limit your activity except when attending tryouts.  The players need their rest to perform their best. 

Please let me know if you have additional questions.


Kim Scheper
Cincinnati United